Sometimes I come across stories I just can’t let go – such as this one by Lisanne Spaander.



Some time ago I watched the television program ‘Puur Geluk’ (Pure Luck). This is a program about people who deserve a bit of luck in their lives. The episode featured the life of then 16 year old Lisanne Spaander, a girl who can sing beautifully but unfortunately suffers from a horrible disease: bone cancer.

The story touched me and I felt it was worth sharing. Despite her illness, Lisanne is still a very positive person. Music is her passion and her outlet. She wrote the song ‘Vechtersbaas’ (Fighter) not long after her diagnosis, in which she tells her story.




[testimonial author=”Vechtersbaas – Lisanne Spaander”]

“I am a fighter

You can’t get me down

I will fight for what I’m worth”




You can watch the outtake from ‘Puur Geluk’ in the video below. In the video above you can listen to the song ‘Vechtersbaas’.


Part 1

Part 2

After I saw the episode, her story kept haunting me. After a while I decided to help Lisanne in my way by photographing her. And then, the moment came when Lisanne came to visit my studio with her mother.


In preparation for this photoshoot I made a decor with a variety of old chests and suitcases. The backdrop is made of wood, of a neighborhood farm. I found the wood during a search for studio props. I love using props that have a story to tell on their own.

The first set of photos were made with this set. You can see the results below. The other photos that were made during this shoot can be found throughout this blog post.

Sweet Ashley did the makeup for this photoshoot. She also assisted the photoshoot with all of her tricks and jokes!


























Lisanne and her mother Ilona have a very strong bond. I could not resist to take a few pictures with Mumsie during the shoot.




Last week I was surprised with some great news in the video below: ’the tumor is gone!’ That was fantastic to hear! What makes it even more special, is that Lisanne was invited by Marco Borsato as a special guest to perform her song ‘Vechtersbaas’. It is wonderful to hear that Lisanne’s dreams are finally coming true by performing with Marco Borsato on such a big stage in front of a crowd of 17.500 people! Awesome!

Everyone can help out, support or make a difference in the battle against this disease. You can think of helping out by donating to or organising events for KiKa, a charity organisation for child cancer.

If you are creative, then also try to think out of the box! You can also make a difference by helping a person in need. Try doing groceries for someone, or cook dinner? No matter how big or small, we can all make a difference. Do you want to know more about these charities and what you can do to help out? Then click the link below to visit their website.



Do you want to keep up with Lisanne? Then do follow her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/vechtersbaas/

And subscribe to her Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/LisanneSpaander/videos


As a conclusion I would like to share this beautiful cover of “Mag ik dan bij jou” by Claudia de Breij. Performed by Lisanne Spaander and Jeroen van Boom during a KiKa charity event.