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Today I want to talk to you about the results using only the Elinchrom Litemotiv 120. This way, you are able to see better what the possibilities are of working with one softbox. This is a continuation of my previous blog post, which you can read here.

This time I will show you the range of possibilities you have with the use of several photos; adding a short explanation of the light setup per photo.

Model: Charissa Leeuwin


In the photo below I have placed the softbox diagonally in front of the model, on the right side from our point of view. I am standing next to the softbox and the softbox close to Charissa. The biggest advantage of this softbox is (I’m already giving it away) is its size! Because of its large surface, properly lighting your subjects becomes much easier.

The softbox can also be put quite close to your subject to achieve a soft light which will at the same time give an even distribution of light over the full body. The only thing that comes up slightly darker are her shoes but I don’t mind that because the focus of a fashion photo is generally on the face and the clothing anyway.



Apart from full body shots this softbox is also ideal for portrait photography. In the picture below I can show you quite clearly what the effect of its shape is in comparison to a regular softbox. Because of the 16 bones its shape is almost round. With portraits, we tend to look at the eyes in particular; a round light source in the reflection is preferable to a square-shaped one.



Here is another picture that shows pretty clearly what the reflections remind me of; at least with these sunglasses: eyes! You can also see the double surface of the diffusion material in the middle of the fabric backing: the pupils. You can also see I have removed the fabric cover. This allows for more contrast, or, generally speaking, a more hardened light. I have also created more shading in this photo by turning the softbox away from the camera to the right side of Charissa.



If I take a full body photo of Charissa while having her turn more towards me you can also see how you are able to create a bigger contrast in this setup.
The gradation of the lighting in the backdrop is also nicely visible in this photo.



To conclude; here is a result that you probably wouldn’t expect to be made with one light. Normally, you would need two lights to properly light the white backdrop alone.
But if you use a softbox as a backdrop, lighting like this is certainly possible!

Conclusion: The Litemotiv is very versatile which allows you to create a whole range of looks in a short time span with only one light and modifier. By adding or removing the diffuser materials the light can easily be made softer or more intense. And lastly, because of its size it is ideal for photographing people and fashion.